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Gabriel F. Duran at the Forum

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Gabriel F. Duran

The New Consciousness: Transitioning from Linear Consciousness to Multidimensional Consciousness

When: Saturday, February 16, 2019 @ 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Gabriel Duran at the Forum Gabriel F. Duran

About   PDF

I had what I perceive as my spiritual awakening in this lifetime within the 2006-2007 timeframe. This opened me to a greater portion of Creation, which took me on a path that included numerous initiations and activations. As I delved into researching and studying consciousness and spirituality, I also began interacting, on a more visceral level with those from higher dimensional planes and non-terrestrial beings began working with me.

I am bringing forth the wisdom from our ancestors – and our cosmic and stellar families – through shamanistic practices that acknowledge and instill us with more of the truth of who we are. We are Divinity manifest in Creation, expanding and instilling our inherent and innate wisdom from within to the without, as we remember that we are Multidimensional Luminous Expressions of the Divine perceiving Creation as Individuated Fractals of Oneness, all here and now.

I feel I am now in a position in which I have wisdom to share concerning the consciousness shift/expansion that we are going through on an individual level, as well as through the unified collective or whole of humanity.

Highlights & Shout Outs for Gabriel Duran

  • Author, Writer, Speaker and Researcher of Consciousness and Spirituality
  • Hypnotherapist, CMS-CHt, FIBH that also includes the QHHT method, taught directly by/from Dolores Cannon
  • Graduate from the School of Remembering - Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) Certification from Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Host of Albuquerque Consciousness and Spirituality Explorers meetup
  • Channel of Intradimensional/Extradimensional Beings and various Cosmic, Angelic, Stellar and Ascended Master sources
  • Contactee/experiencer of extraterrestrials. As well as an aspiring member of the Great White Brotherhood
  • Blogger @ Divinity In Us - by Gabriel F Duran @ https://blog.divinityin.us
  • Check out his new book, "Divinity In Us Unfolding Now", on Amazon
  • You can also catch Gabriel online at his official website, Divinity In Us, as well as his Google+ and YouTube channel

Presentation   PDF

Divinity In Us Unfolding Now I will go into Creation unfolding from a consciousness perspective. As I delve into the different aspects of consciousness achieved at various levels of densities of consciousness. So that we may understand more of why we are here. While emphasizing what is possible to bring forth by embodying these expanded states of Being and awareness.

Our inherent and innate “inner” attributes and abilities are coming “online” in greater ways. And as we transition to a multidimensional conscious focus of awareness, we intuitively bring these “higher” attributes online. As we change/activate our own DNA on a consciousness level, we expand into more of who we are.

All of this advanced knowledge has been gathered and brought forth to me through my various contacts with stellar and cosmic families and teachers. As these are working in tandem with our own evolution into the “new” human, known as Homo Galacticus. Bringing forth the 6th root race, in a cosmic evolutionary sense for humanity. As we prepare ourselves to return to the stars.

I will go into my own “awakening” experience. As I was awakened by my stellar family contacts, in a very visceral way. As they “reminded” me, as to why I am here. And what I have to offer, as a direct participant in this most momentous of era or times. Known as the ascension of humanity.

By “re-membering” who we are, and expanding our awareness, we recognize that we are in a truly “open-source” system. In which we have access to much greater amounts of information and truth, from our within to the without. And this access has never been greater. For those desirous of knowing, the floodgates of knowledge have been let loose.

All of us have been receiving much, with respect to this transition. Mainly from the planes we all journey to when we sleep. For when we “rest” we actually shed much of our “self-imposed” constraints and limitations. During these states we commune with many Beings, many of which are non-terrestrial, or non-residents in our plane of existence. As we work with the rest of the collective to bring about the greatest expansion possible for each and every one of us. Together, as a whole; and individually as a persona/self.

Join me in expanding our awareness. As we are bringing forth the greatest timeline for this transition, here and now. As we “birth” the greatest Unity Consciousness construct for humanity. Instilling wisdom for generations to come.

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