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Chantal Fidanza at the Forum

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Juan Tabo Library
3407 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Phone: (505) 291-6260
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11:00 am - 11:30 am
Room arrangements and set up time
for the speaker.

11:30 am
Attendees begin arriving to take their seats.

11:35 am - 11:45 am
Special announcements
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11:45 am - 1:45 pm
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1:45 pm - 2:10 pm
Q&A session with the speaker.

2:10 pm - 2:30 pm
Break down and pack up time for the speaker.
Note: We MUST be out of the room by 2:30pm as per the Library's rules. No exceptions will be made on this rule. You can talk with the speaker and give love donations outside of the building.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Immediate break down of the meeting room.
Note: As per the Library's rules, the Forum itself is responsible for breaking down the room and returning the meeting space to its original clean and pristine condition. No exceptions will be made on this rule.

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Chantal Fidanza

Learn to Anchor Your Divine Light for Greater Empowerment

Connecting with Your Highest Wisdom and the Ability to Manifest Your Vision from the Higher Dimensions

When: Saturday, March 16, 2019 @ 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Chantal Fidanza at the Forum Chantal Fidanza

“Intuition is the natural result of your connection with your higher self, your ‘light self’ in body. This is your birthright!” says Chantal Fidanza, Master Intuitive Guide and Instructor, and founder of Your Divine Light in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

About   PDF

Chantal is passionate about the subject of intuition. “As an extremely imbalanced and unconscious empath in my twenties, I knew I was connected to spirit, but I was suffering on the physical plane: fatigued, drained, lack of boundaries, lack of any purpose. I just wanted it all to end. Once I learned to energetically ‘manage’ my energy, everything else started to fall into place: my health, my sense of my own power and a purpose for being here on earth.” She now offers a 10-month Intuitive Healing Training for both Personal Growth and Professional Certification.


Chantal wants to help others understand how important – and accessible – it is to trust yourself and take your power back from anywhere it’s been misplaced.

“What I teach is not a modality; it is an ‘attunement’ to your higher self. Therefore the power is not in what you learn to ‘see’ or ‘sense’ (although these skills definitely sharpen), the power is in your alignment with your light. My focus is always on offering the fishing rod, rather than the fish,” says Chantal. “This is about empowerment and embracing our Divine Sovereignty.”

If you are called to learn to anchor your multi-dimensional self, embrace your divinity and your highest wisdom for your own empowerment, and to be a beacon for others to emulate, you will find yourself at home here. You can learn to literally anchor your higher self here on the earth plane, resulting in greater joy, wellbeing, empowerment, and the ability to manifest from the highest dimensions. This is our birthright!

For more information, contact Chantal Fidanza at 505-438-1074, email her at info@YourDivineLight.biz or visit her official website at YourDivineLight.biz.

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