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North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
Room 4

7521 Carmel Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113
Cross street: Wyoming, North of Paseo

11:00 am - 11:30 am
Room arrangements and set up time for the speaker.

11:30 am
Attendees begin arriving to take their seats.

11:35 am - 11:45 am
Special announcements from the Forum's attendees.

11:45 am - 1:45 pm
Speaker's presentation begins at 11:45am sharp!

1:45 pm - 2:10 pm
Q&A session with the speaker.

2:10 pm - 2:30 pm
Break down and pack up time for the speaker.
Note: We MUST be out of the room
by 2:30pm as per the Center's rules.

You can talk with the speaker at Mimi's Cafe.

2:30 pm
Join us for lunch with the speaker at
Mimi's Cafe located at
4316 The 25 Way, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Call for directions (505) 341-0300 or use Google Maps. Note: Location for lunch may change.

Have any questions?
Please email us directly at info@nmupf.org
L.D. Porter

Awakening the Genesis Within

When: Saturday, May 19, 2018 @ 11:30am - 2:30pm

FREE ADMISSION! Please show your support for the speaker with a Love Donation or make a donation on our Crowdfunding page.

LIMITED SEATING! Please be respectful to the speakers and arrive early as seating is limited to 84 people. As per the Center's regulations and the Fire Marshal's law, you will NOT be allowed into the room once we reach maximum capacity.

L.D. Porter L.D. Porter

Excerpt from co-author Dr. Michael Smith:

Larry Porter (aka L.D. Porter) has always seen himself as close with alien influence. From small childhood to his present-day experience with astronomy and telescopes, it has led to inspire and guide the healing work. He feels he is influenced by them and other spiritual guides continuously in his work. His work is non-rational and comes from what he receives from spiritual and otherworldly insights.

A classical musician by trade, for several years in the early 2000's, L.D. performed psychic healing alongside one of the most talked about healers in the country, Solomon Wickey. Mr. Wickey is an Amish herbalist who has achieved a devoted following in Indiana and Ohio. "Solomon used to call me his x-ray machine because I could see into areas of the body and function as a medical intuitive, so to speak," L.D. said.

In his psychic healing work, L.D. works by a process that he says involves mental thought and imaging. L.D. referred to his healing technique of "body scanning," which involves looking at the client "like a TV screen" through which he can assess the client's physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic functioning. This is similar to the methods used for cancer by renowned healers Mahendra Trivedi, Dean Kraft and Braco.

A few years ago, I accompanied L.D. to a healing fair in Colorado where he attracted a crowd by giving away free psychic healing. I observed him tell a skeptical chiropractor that "the older woman with white hair, your client, the one with glasses, she has a problem in her right knee. She needs glucosamine." The chiropractor sat in stunned silence. After the initial shock wore off, the chiropractor confirmed the accuracy of L.D.'s psychic impressions.

Awakening the Genesis Within by L.D. Porter and Dr. Michael SmithIn 2012, L.D. released a book of spiritual wisdom, Awakening the Genesis Within, which teaches readers how to thrive in times of transformation.

Today, after nearly 30 years of psychic healing practice, L.D. juggles his time between composing music, caretaking land and tending to the healing needs of his devoted and loyal clientele. He has been the subject of national media attention – no short accomplishment for a man unaccustomed to the spotlight. In humble fashion, L.D. shrugged it off. "I guess the work has an effect because people keep coming back." - Dr. Michael Smith

For more information, please visit L.D. Porter online at Distance Psychic Healing for Chronic Illness. Catch him at his Facebook fanpage as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and his Facebook profile!

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